How to Fix Bad Habits & Change Your Life

fix bad habits change your life

Every morning, as I’m having my morning cup of coffee I see a man walking downtown. He has a significant limp and it looks like a struggle to walk.

Every morning without fail, he’s out there walking. He may struggle with it but he’s still out there doing it.

This man is my inspiration.

I realize as I sit here in this beautiful condo overlooking the harbour that I have been afforded many opportunities in life. I have my health, a community, people who love me, employment. And yet I’m still capable of finding “excuses” to not do the things that help me find alignment in my life.

I have the ability to move my body with exercise and nourish it with eating regular meals and I struggle with doing these things. I have the time to meditate and I always have an excuse. I also know I’m not alone in this…

There’s No Such Thing As A “Magic Pill”

Why is it so “easy” to self sabotage?

I see this working with clients, too. They want change, ideally in the form of a magic pill to take, then wake up one day and everything’s just perfect. Unrealistic, yet many of us want that simple fix to make all our problems go away. We don’t want to put the work in for whatever excuse, usually not having enough time or money. Or we think that doing things like eating well, meditating and exercising should be easy all the time and when they start to feel like a hassle we just stop doing them instead of pushing through.

Eliciting change takes work. Transforming thought patterns is a 24/7 job. I understand why there are so many people out there who choose to live in their unhappy states rather than do the work. It’s what they know, it’s a comfort zone. Pushing out of that comfort zone into new, unknown territory can be scary. We also don’t know what’s at the end of doing all the work so it’s hard to trust that putting so much time and energy into something is actually worth it.

You never know unless you try. And sometimes we need to take a bit of risk in order to make a shift. If you want change, you need to try something different than what you’ve already been doing. The same type of thinking that got you into your state, will not get you out of it.

I find the first push for change is always the most difficult. There’s resistance, uncertainty, mistrust in ourselves that we’ll actually follow through this time.

My reminder that I can put the time and energy into eliciting change in my life is that man with the limp. Maybe he can be your reminder too.

There are many people in this world who are far more disadvantaged than you are and yet still through all of their battles, they’re out there doing something.

So think of this the next time you’re struggling to get on your mat, meditate, go to the gym or stick to a nutrition plan.

Jillian Cole

It’s No One’s "Fault” But Your Own

The only person you can point the finger to for your own unhappiness in your life is you. Sure there are people out there who may have done shitty things to you but that doesn’t mean that you hold the torch for that person. Whatever wrong doing was done to you by another unfortunately happened. It’s up to you to move on from it.

Blaming others only ends up hurting you. We blame, because we expect out of others when if there were no expectations perhaps we wouldn’t blame in the first place. On a similar note, having expectations for others in your life is a great way to continue self sabotaging. Do things for others without expectations of being “owed” something in return. As the Hafiz quote says,

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.”

Give, without expectation. Do you, without blaming others.

You Are Worth It

You are worth the change. You are worth the time and the struggles to attain a different level of consciousness. You don’t deserve to live in a negative, self-limiting state of being.

The only thing that’s holding you back is you. Your thoughts are what need to change if you want a different job, lose the last 10 pounds, clear up your skin, have more energy.

We attract what we think. If we think we’re not worth it, we will continue to be stuck in the same cycles that we are unhappy with. Making ANY change in your life starts with changing your thoughts.

You have to believe you’re worth it. The energy behind your intentions will get you to where you want to be.