Calling the Inspiration Hotline: Podcasts, Books and Products that Light Me Up


I believe in living a beautiful life.

But in order to get there we all need a little inspo.

I mean, that’s why I’m so crazy in love with Pinterest. I get SO excited looking at beautiful imagery and creating mood boards full of gorgeous photography, beautiful colours, inspiring images.

I’m also an inspo junkie when it comes to what I consume in other ways - podcasts, books, YouTube, you name it.

So, without further adieu, here is my list of the best of the best in 2019 for finding inspiration, evoking beauty and waking us the hell up.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Podcast

If you haven’t listened to Oprah interview Eckhart Tolle, chapter by chapter of A New Earth, what have you been doing?! This is a must-listen to podcast series.

I drive about 4hrs one way to work every week and this podcast series has gotten me through that drive in more ways than one. I’ve actually started listening to the series all over again. The “Pain Body” episode struck a cord with me, as did the episode about “Finding Your Inner Purpose.” Not that I’m all enlightened and know what my inner purpose is now, but it got me on a different path and open to exploring new possibilities.

I’m not kidding when I say these podcasts are life-changing. Because for me, they have been.

I do believe however that you need to be open to the message that Oprah and Eckhart are discussing. The message isn’t there simply to be interesting. It’s there to evoke change.

Oprah interviews many other great minds, like Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra and Gary Zukav . Plus…it’s Oprah. I mean, she’s such a source for inspiration in the first place.


Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell

This book is a game-changer. It was exactly what I needed to read, when I read it about a year ago.

It was my introduction, or permission I suppose, to a new world of possibilities and acknowledging things that I “closet” believed, I was allow to believe.

Especially in my profession as a naturopathic doctor, I don’t talk about spirituality in practice. It’s not the right place to do so, in my opinion. I think maybe out of fear - I mean, there are a ton of trolls out there who would like to see what I do for a living abolished so I’d rather not add fuel to the fire. I choose to support people by being present and honest. By showing up with the clinical skills and knowledge I have to help others feel better. I don’t bring my crystals out (although I do wear one around my neck for my own silent purpose) or do “weird shit” in the office.

Ok, side note over - let’s get back to the point here. This book is an introduction into past lives, spirit guides, soul callings and teachings. It’s beautiful. In my personal life this book was influential for opening me up to different ideas and possibilities.

Do I believe everything in the book? I’m not exactly sure. How am I supposed to know the secrets of the Universe? I respect and am open to them. And I find them intriguing - I want to learn more.

I actually just started taking Rebecca Campbell’s online course, Discover your Cosmic Blueprint as well. I’m in the early stages but so far I’m enjoying it. I like personal reflection, I find it therapeutic. I’m enjoying learning more about ancient wisdom and translating it into the present day. It’s fascinating and something I’m eagerly open to.


‘Franielle’ on Pinterest

I have no damn clue who this person is but she has opened up a whole other world of beauty for me with her Pinterest boards. This blog post is even inspired by her. I love her aesthetic, what she shares, what she loves. It’s all so beautiful to me.

Her Pinterest boards made me see something clearly - that beauty is not a waste of time. That beautiful imagery is here for a reason.

I’m excited by things of beauty. They make me feel joy. Happy. Here, right now. I can’t see a beautiful image and be thinking about something else. I’m brought out of my mind and into the present moment.

Pinterest, you did it again! Not to get too “woo-y” with you here…I’m trying to explain the best my human brain can that beautiful things, like images on Pinterest in this particular example, are a connection for us to the present moment.


The Achiever Fever Cure by Claire Booth

This book was suggested to me by my mother because, well I am an over-achiever. I’m even a Type 3 (“The Achiever”) personality on the Enneagram personality test. It’s infused into my bones and I’ve been a perfectionist/over-achiever for as long as I can remember.

A few months ago the over-achieving was starting to become destructive. I wasn’t sleeping, waking up at 3am to start working because I couldn’t handle just laying there doing nothing. I stopped eating (I’m currently 15 years into my eating disorder recovery journey…when shit hits the fan I resort to old “coping” habits like starving, even to this day.). I was drinking a little more than I should be and not spending time with friends, always working instead. Everything, and I mean everything was about achieving in my business. I let that achiever side of me run wild, to the point of destruction.

I knew I needed to change course or this new “rock bottom” I was nearing wasn’t going to be a pretty one. So I took my mom’s advice and read this book.

First off, to read someone’s story who UNDERSTANDS that degree of achiever fever was relieving. I wasn’t alone and now I knew it. Reading what she did for herself made me motivated to do the same.

I started meditating again, being gentle with myself when it came to exercise (exercise is a form of achievement for me as well), started going for walks, I even took some time off work. This book was the permission I needed to reevaluate my life and where I needed to make change.

I realized one significant thing - simplicity. If things in my life didn’t follow that, then they weren’t to be in my life, especially at that moment. Simplicity has now been infused into everything I do. If it’s not simple, it’s not worth it. Simple in the context of not overwhelming. Like an Apple product - they’ve based their entire company on simplicity. I’m basing my life on that, too.


Primally Pure

This company is extraordinary. Their products light me up, they encourage me to take time for myself in the day. Even putting on their lip chap is like its own experience. I feel like I’m taking care of myself and I get excited to use their stuff.

I believe in the power of simplicity and to me, self care products remind me of that purpose. Taking a moment to do something nice for myself is simple, beautiful.

Never underestimate those small moments in your day to day life. It’s important to have things that can remind you of them as well. Your breath, flowers, essential oils, taking a bath with some luxurious bath salts, applying hand lotion. Little things. It doesn’t need to be a big affair, just something that’s going to get you to stop and take a moment for yourself.

Heads up: if you live in Canada I’d suggest buying a few things, you have to pay duty (I paid about $35 CAD for the shipment) so get a few things.

I would suggest:

  • The Starter Kit

  • Lavender Complexion Mist

  • Blue Tansy Body Oil

  • Flower Bath


PS - I’m not affiliated with any of these companies or people. I just happen to love what they’re putting out into the world.

Do you have any favourite books, podcasts or peeps that you look to for inspiration? Let me know!



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