Beat the bloat - try these simple tips first

Gas and bloating are some of the most common issues that come into the clinic.  Glamorous, I know.  But what exactly is all this gut stress caused from?  The answer can be complex, especially if it's a problem that someone has been dealing with for some time.  

I'm all for taking the path of least resistance on matters and with bloating, I recommend trying these three simple tips first that I have explained in my latest published article: Beat the bloat with three simple tips.

A technical note:

Sure, gas and bloating can happen to many of us but if it has become a concern that significantly affects your life, it's time to come in, sit down and get to the root cause.  Simple recommendations like those in my article may help but if the root cause isn't solved, you're only putting a band aid on the problem.  So if this sounds like yourself and you've tried "everything there is" to help, it's time to see a Naturopathic doctor.