The Self-Care Essential Most People Forget

travel mindfulness

Christmas this year came with a fun little read I had published on one of my favourite websites, MindBodyGreen.  In this article, I write about travel and how important it is for your own personal growth.  Travel is an excellent opportunity not only to learn a bit more about other cultures but also to learn more about yourself.  It's a perfect way to throw yourself into situations that may cause discomfort, such as learning to speak a new language or tour through streets of cities you are unfamiliar with.  

I wrote this article while I was having my classic soy latte (and a cinnamon bun...I was on vacation after all ;)) at a Nordic bakery in London, UK.  It was the perfect opportunity to get honest and creative about my experiences with travel so I could share my thoughts with you.

Check out the article here: The Self-Care Essential Most People Forget About