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How to Stay Healthy this Cold and Flu Season

Are you someone that dreads this time of year – not only because the weather is less than ideal but also because you know it’s the time for head colds, sinus infections, coughing, sneezing, wheezing…the list goes on.  Fortunately every fall and winter doesn’t have to be that way.  We may not be able to gain control of the weather but we can certainly gain control of our immune health and stop those nasty colds and flus from creeping up so often!  Here are my favourite tips for boosting your immune health this season.

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What You Need to Know about Eating Disorders

Last week was Canada's Eating Disorders Awareness Week and with that in mind, I wrote this article with the goal of increasing awareness of such a serious illness.  Eating disorders are not a choice but rather a serious illness that should be approached as such.  Lack of treatment can lead to years of struggle as well as a list of health concerns and even death.  It's important that we, as a community understanding more.

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Three Simple Boosters for your Brain

You brain is a fascinating organ.  It controls our everyday actions, allows us to walk, eat, interact with others and houses our thoughts and personality.  Essentially if your brain isn't at its optimum, neither are you.

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Depression: Getting the Help you Need

Depression affects all of us, whether it's personally or witnessing the effects through friends or family.  This time of year can be an especially difficult time for those suffering from depression.  With shorter days, colder weather and social isolation for many, depressive symptoms can easily creep in.

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Mind your Time this Holiday Season

There's no better time than the holidays to work on your mindfulness practice, or start one up if you haven't already.  With all the food, social activities and gatherings, it's hard to stay in the moment while you're busy planning ahead for the next family dinner.  

This holiday, I challenge you to instil a little mindfulness.  

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The Self-Care Essential Most People Forget

Christmas this year came with a fun little read I had published on one of my favourite websites, MindBodyGreen.  In this article, I write about travel and how important it is for your own personal growth.  Travel is an excellent opportunity not only to learn a bit more about other cultures but also to learn more about yourself.  It's a perfect way to throw yourself into situations that may cause discomfort, such as learning to speak a new language or tour through streets of cities you are unfamiliar with.  

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