How to Actually Get Beautiful Skin, Today

healthy skin facial

We all want beautiful, healthy skin.  After all, our skin is the first thing people see about us as well as is a direct reflection of our overall health and wellbeing.  All the more reason we should pay attention to and take care of the skin we live in.  With the beauty product industry being a multi-billion dollar venture, we are clearly all concerned about looking our best.  But what most people commonly overlook is the inside-out approach to skin care.  We can use all the beauty products in the world but if our bodies themselves aren't happy, no expensive cream is going to help.

Enter holistic skin care - an inside-out approach to optimal skin health.  Trust me when I say that all aspects of our health are equally as important when it comes to taking care of our skin.  We need to pay attention to what we're eating, how we're managing our stress and essentially the overall quality of our lives in order to have healthy, beautiful, radiant skin.  I thought I'd take a moment to write a bit more on one of my favourite topics - optimal skin health.  Here are my top tips to get that glowing skin look we're all striving for.


Get rid of the grains

While grain products shouldn't officially be labeled as "bad", they're also an aspect in most of our diets that we could do without.  Evolutionarily, grains have helped us to thrive and cognitively develop into the human beings we are today.  However with the constant bombardment of chemical, pollutants, gut-offending, nutrient-lacking foods that we may ingest on occasion, grain products are just adding fuel to the fire.

I challenge you to cut grains out of your diet, completely.  That includes gluten-free grains too.  Make a point to stay away from grain products such as flour, rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, barley, etc. for a month and see how you feel overall.  I notice many people start noticing a slimmer midsection, less bloat, more regularity with digestion/elimination, less heart burn, more energy, less brain fog and clearer skin.  It really does make a difference.  Replace your carbohydrate intake with starchy root vegetables instead, like sweet potato, yam, plantain, squash and zucchini.  You'll thank me for it in a month.  And by that time, you won't miss the grains.  Trust me on that.

Coping skills for stress 

We all carry stress.  It's about how you manage it as to whether or not it's going to affect you physically and/or mentally.  A little bit of stress is a good thing, but when we're chronically stressed, we're constantly exposing ourselves to stress hormones.  Chronic exposure to stress hormones, like cortisol, can lead to changes in our overall healthy hormone regulation, leaving us with flaky, oily, inflamed, dull and acne-prone skin.  Getting a handle on your stress levels can also help our overall mental health and outlook on life.  I'd say learning stress coping mechanisms is a win-win for everyone involved!

If you'd like to learn what you can do for your stress levels, join me for the FREE Stress Management Masterclass on Thursday, March 30th at 5pm AST.  We'll be covering all things stress-related and discussing the most realistic, easiest coping skills out there.  

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial

Sometime we need a little boost from topical treatments.  But PRP isn't just any topic skin treatment.  It's utilizing the healing powers of your own blood to regenerate collagen, provide added skin hydration, elasticity and boost overall skin radiance.  What else do you want?!  

PRP facials are a great way to provide an added boost to your complexion without going through any invasive procedures.  It's relatively painless, with the use of a topical numbing cream and takes about 40 minutes to receive a treatment.  Your blood is drawn and spun down in a special centrifuge which extracts important cytokines and growth factors from your blood.  This extract is then injected back into facial skin tissue to help give you that added glow, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone and improve skin elasticity.  It's also a wonderful treatment for acne scarring, especially when in combination with laser treatments and micro-needling.

The world of skincare treatments is always changing and PRP facials are at the forefront of quality advancement in the industry.  If you have skin concerns that you'd like to have addressed, PRP facials are definitely worth looking into.  If you'd like more information about the treatment or have any questions, feel free to search my website or email me directly at