#motivationmonday - You NEED to get this Book


This #motivationmonday we're talking about a mind-blowing, game-changing book that you need to read if you want to make a shift in your life.  Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell should be on your bookshelf!  Here's WHY...


I'm a big reader - anything and everything about personal development, I've probably read it (or it's at least on my list of things to read!).  This week I wanted to talk about a specific book in particular that's been a game-changer for me and is one that I highly recommend you check out too.

Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell is my top recommended read this week.  This book is full of fresh insight on understanding yourself, your thoughts and attaining your goals.  Her writing is absolutely amazing and she writes in a way that makes things make sense. 

My main take-homes from the book:

  • You already have the knowledge within you, trust that you already have that inherent wisdom to achieve your goals.
    • Perfect example of this, I was reading back on my Notes on my MacBook and realized that I've been having the same ideas for YEARS now and haven't executed them to their fullest extent because I wasn't trusting the decisions I was making.  Once I realized the decisions I've been hesitant or unsure about in my life right now are the same ones that I've been contemplating on and off for a long time.  Trusting that I already know what I need to do has been a game-changer for me in terms of what I'm ever so excited to share with you in the future that I've been holding back on.
  • Creative affirmations really are a thing and they should be implemented into your life if you want to make a change.
    • We all have negative feedback loops going on in our heads.  They're toxic and get us nowhere, yet we still listen to them or allow them to ruminate.  Creative affirmations are a wonderful way to stop the negative tape loop in your mind and reset your thoughts into more productive, positive ones.  We want forward momentum, not hamster wheeling!
  • Like attracts like.  
    • You are the sum of the five people who you hang out with.  So are you hanging out with the right people?  Do you need to change your relationship with them?  Do you need to hit the delete button?  These are important questions to ask and reflect on.  An important point here - you may not necessarily need to eliminate people from you life, maybe you need to change your relationship to them or limit the time you spend with people who you may not necessarily align with.

What's your favourite game-changer book?  I'd love to hear what you're reading that has made a positive impact on your life!