Strong, Sexy Backs For All! Yoga-Inspired Exercises To Help
back strength

Build strong, lean muscle with the right yoga-inspired exercises!


Strong, sexy backs with yoga? Obvi... 

These exercises are some of my favourites for toning up the back and arms - something we need not only for the ultimate bikini body but also for proper posture and for our inversion practice!

Do each of these moves for a total of 3-5 breaths and repeated each exercise 3-5 times. FORM over REPS, always.

  • Downward dog - hold for as long as you can, focusing on shoulders rolling towards the mat and pulling towards the midline.
  • Chaturanga push ups - inhale to bend elbows to 90, exhale to push back up.
  • Side plank - focus on pushing hips UP towards the ceiling.
  • Dolphin pose on tip toes
  • Handstand prep on tip toes

This back-strengthening flow can be done on its own or incorporated into another yoga flow!