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These Habits are NOT Serving You - Cut. Them. Now.

We could all use a little lesson in self care.


Because according to Dove's "The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited" Study, only 4% of women consider themselves to be beautiful. There's no better time than today to change this statistic, so I created a framework to help women emanate beauty, power and grace.

Here are the top habits you need to cut out of your life NOW to lead a happier life with a clearer purpose.

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It's Time to Start a Healthful Habit

This time of year can be particularly grey for many of us.  We're in the depths of winter, it's cold out, we're stressed from driving and shovelling snow all the time and the fun festivities of the season are over.  Sigh.  It's back to the grind of day-to-day life.

But does it have to be?

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