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What You Need to Know about Eating Disorders

Last week was Canada's Eating Disorders Awareness Week and with that in mind, I wrote this article with the goal of increasing awareness of such a serious illness.  Eating disorders are not a choice but rather a serious illness that should be approached as such.  Lack of treatment can lead to years of struggle as well as a list of health concerns and even death.  It's important that we, as a community understanding more.

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Do You Really Understand The Pursuit Of Happiness?

I have a confession to make.  It's a pet peeve of mine to hear people say that all they want is just to be happy.

By all means I definitely don't think that the desire to be happy is a bad thing.  But what happens when something pops up in your life that makes you unhappy?  Do you feel like you've failed because you don't feel happy?  Do you feel like the "Universe" is against you, that people are out to get you, that happiness is not meant for you?  Do you really understand what it means to have happiness in your life?

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Depression: Getting the Help you Need

Depression affects all of us, whether it's personally or witnessing the effects through friends or family.  This time of year can be an especially difficult time for those suffering from depression.  With shorter days, colder weather and social isolation for many, depressive symptoms can easily creep in.

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