Top Tips you Need to Know for Healthier, Beautiful Skin

beautiful skin

Our skin tells a lot about us.  It's a direct expression of our gut health, can give us away when we're stressed and can tell us if we haven't been eating the best.  Our skin is the first thing that people see about us as well.  It's important we all pay attention to the quality of our skin not only for our health's sake but also so we can shamelessly look and feel good!

Regardless of what your skincare concern is, these tips can help you.  Feel free to keep reading on the topic or check out the video below!


Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing is a super simple practice you can add into your daily routine.  All you need is a dry skin brush, which you can purchase at most drug stores or order online.  Dry skin brushing can help increase lymphatic movement, helping our bodies push out toxic byproducts that can naturally build up.  Our lymphatic system is the "detoxifier" of our bodies and when it's not working properly, can lead to skin dullness, pallor and a worsening of skin inflammation and acne.

Dry skin brushing can also help improve circulation to your skin and help with exfoliation, both of which reduces skin dullness and improves overall skin tone and radiance.

How to dry skin brush:

  1. Work in a circular motion form your extremities in towards your heart.  I usually start at my feet and work my way up in a circular motion towards my heart, then do the same with my arms, working inwards.  
  2. Dry skin brushing should be done BEFORE your shower and is best done in the morning, at least 3-5 times per week.
  3. Brushing your entire body shouldn't take more than a couple minutes.

Get a Potent, Quality Fish Oil

Fish oil can make a huge difference when it comes to skin hydration and redness.  I've seen wonderful results in patients with extensive acne or rosacea with using a quality fish oil.  But not all fish oils are the same.  I usually recommend a very specific fish oil called Bend for any skin-related condition.  From eczema to acne and rosacea to anti-aging, this is the best fish oil to choose, in my opinion.

What's so special about this particular product is its formula, which is chock full of specific antioxidants for your skin health, coupled with the right dose of EPA and DHA (the active ingredients of the fish oil).  I usually recommend this supplement is used long-term but I have noticed differences in as little as six weeks with skin texture and tone.  As always with any supplement, it's important to consult with your health care provider to make sure the supplement isn't going to interact with any medications or supplements you may currently be taking.

Stress Management

Stress can cause a lot of skin issues with people.  Even for myself, I know when I'm particularly stressed because I start getting breakouts.  Stress boosts levels of cortisol in our bodies, which can cause disruptions in other hormones in our bodies, like testosterone and insulin.

Fluctuations in certain hormones can up-regulate activity in our hair follicles, causing increased oil production and increased sloughing of dead skin cells.  This process also causes increased inflammation in our skin and created an opportunity for the bacteria that naturally grows on our face to proliferate and thrive.  Before you know it you've got redness, swelling and blemishes which if not addressed in an appropriate manner can lead to long-term tissue scarring and permanent damage to the pores.

I highly recommend that everyone should work on improving how they handle stress.  Many of us don't have the best skills to manage our stress, which can lead to a list of health conditions.  Preventative medicine starts with you and it's your responsibility to take of yourself now instead of when it's too late.  Implementing simple stress management techniques into your daily life is a great place to start and luckily I've created a lovely stress management workbook for you to download for FREE to help you out with that.  All you have to do is register below.

You CAN have clear, healthy, beautiful skin and sometimes the simplest things can reap the greatest rewards.