Jillian Cole
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Daily rituals for body, mind & spirit.



We’re here to help you discover that magic within you AND find insight into your own transformationAL JOURNEY towards becoming a more aligned, empowered version of yourself.

How can we help YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY?

Jillian Cole

Hey, I’m Jillian.

I’m a yoga and Pinterest-loving small town lady with a heck of a lot of education and a weak spot for nice shoes. I have zero clue what I’m doing with my life but what I do know is I’m passionate about raising women up and helping them find the magic within themselves.


Here at Cole Wellness Co., we believe in miracles.

We believe in finding the magic in everyday life. We believe in the power of transformation in the seemingly small moments. We exist to share how you can find beauty in the everyday, using simple daily rituals to enhance your body, mind & soul.


We support women on their healing journey by providing you insight and tools for daily self care rituals that will transform your mind, body & soul.