Jillian Cole

Hey, I’m Jillian.

There’s nothing that pains me more than seeing a woman struggle with adult acne, especially when it’s something that can be fixed.

Yes, there’s hope.

I get it, I also spent a long time and way too much money on expensive products in a desperate attempt to clear my skin.

Struggling with acne was a major barrier in recognizing my own self worth. I’d look in the mirror every morning and be frustrated with what I saw. I felt like I had to hide something when I was caking on the make-up to cover my breakouts. Struggling with acne certainly didn’t do anything for boosting my confidence.

I was so tired with the never-ending battle with acne and completely fed up with trying the latest and greatest products to try and help. Nothing was working, it’s like I was walking on eggshells with the acne - it had a mind of its own.

Eventually I started experimenting on my own, using my 8+ years of post-secondary education in nutrition, psychology and naturopathic medicine to formulate a plan for myself. And four years later I’ve never looked back - I finally healed my acne for good.

And now I help women who are in the same boat as I was, walk away from their acne too.