Jillian Cole

Meet Our Founder

Hey, I’m Jillian.

I’ve always believed that simple daily acts of self care are under appreciated in how transformational they can be on our mental, emotional and physical health.

I’ve struggled for years with my own health issues. And as a naturopathic doctor in clinical practice I’ve helped hundreds of women heal theirs.

But I always felt like something was missing. Something deeper than physical symptoms alone.

So I went on my own healing journey to learn more. This time taking a different path (cue that infamous Einstein quote…). I wanted transformation on a far different level than what I had been working on, for myself and for others.

I started practicing yoga and became a yoga instructor. I became fascinated with any books and podcasts on spirituality. I learned how to meditate. I discovered something I had never really appreciated before:

the seemingly small moments we have in our day to day lives are where the greatest transformation happens.

That these moments are where true healing happens.

Right here, right now.

That’s where the magic is.